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Neese Appliance 1956


The Briggs family tradition of providing excellence in service for the appliance industry originated in 1956 with the purchase of Neese Appliance on Prince George Street in Williamsburg, Va. by Lyle Briggs.


In the year of 1985, his son David Briggs Sr. continued the family owned and operated appliance sales and service business under the new store name Williamsburg Appliance on Merrimac Trail.  Unfortunately, the nineties represented an ending era for "mom and pop" appliance stores as big box stores began to rapidly sweep and monopolize the nation.


In 1993, David Briggs Jr. recognized a growing need for a repair focused business that offered service not being provided by the large corporate retailers and continued the family business under the current name Briggs Appliance.  David with his sons, represent the 3rd and 4th generations in the appliance business and continue a steadfast goal to offer the best possible repair service to the community.    

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